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Increase the Production of Renewable Energy with our Storage Systems

Gain access to safe, reliable and effective energy management

A photovoltaic storage system allows the generated electricity to be stored, to be used later in a smart way, when it is deemed necessary or more beneficial.  

BayWa r.e. specialises in the distribution of integrated photovoltaic systems and collaborates with the biggest internationally recognised manufacturers of storage systems. 

Our suppliers

What can a commercial storage battery do? Possible applications at a glance

The following system technologies can be applied through a storage battery for commercial use:  

  • Use of self-generated energy

    For all the companies that over-produce solar energy and consume energy during the evening and night-time:

    • Maximises energy production and energy self-consumption 
    • Minimises energy costs and CO2 emissions  
    • The self-generating energy station can be inverted without tapping into the electrical grid  
    • The use of self-generated energy and the protection offered by a UPS can be combined with great results  
  • No grid

    For all buildings, commercial premises, data collection centres, hotels, hospitals, etc. that are not connected to the electricity grid:

    • Development of autonomous grids protected by a UPS, with high-quality voltage and an extensive performance range  
    • Can be combined with diesel generators, minimising the diesel operating time  
  • Peak shaving

    Ideal for all companies that consume over 100,000 kWh annually and have short periods of peak demand, through the development of pumps and motors, i.e.:

    • Reduces peak demand and minimises grid charges, energy costs and CO2 emissions  
    • Relieves the pressure of the grid  
    • Real-time peak shaving is made possible through a UPS  
  • Backup UPS power supply

    Ideal for all companies with sensitive production processes or procedures that are vulnerable and require protection, such as agriculture or livestock farming:

    • Safeguards the production capital and the voltage supply at times of grid collapse, offering high-quality voltage  
    • Protection via UPS and prevention of brief outages  
    • It can be used for real-time peak shaving and self-generated energy  

Energy storage for residential use  

Energy self-consumption and self-sufficiency are becoming increasingly important to photovoltaic system owners and home owners that are interested in this technology. It is necessary to have reliable electricity storage systems that allow users to store the energy they generate through their photovoltaic units for later usage. Our experts are here to help you pick the right solution for your clients’ needs.

What are the advantages of residential energy storage systems?

  • For clients that want to be energy self-sufficient, energy storage systems that can be integrated into their photovoltaic systems are gaining more and more traction  
  • Flexibility owed to energy storage systems with modular expansion capabilities  
  • Our carefully selected energy storage systems are subjected to a series of demanding, certified tests  
  • Modern energy storage systems are easy to install and have been proven to be technically reliable  
  • Energy storage systems are diminishing in size and their appearance is being aesthetically improved  
  • Suitable solutions for electric car owners, including those with a wallbox  
  • Cloud solutions that are easy to integrate are becoming increasingly widespread  
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