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From Tiled to Flat Roofs, We Ensure the Success of any Project

novotegra offers the right solution for every rooftop

BayWa r.e. holds the exclusive distribution rights for novotegra’s mounting systems. novotegra’s systems offer a safe and reliable solution, especially easy to mount, regardless of whether the roof is sloped or flat.

In addition, novotegra proposes an integrated solution for the installation of solar modules on façades. The trait all of our systems share is their certified quality and outstanding reliability and flexibility, as novotegra systems are quick to install and highly stable. novotegra systems are manufactured using robust materials that are resistant to corrosion and designed to withstand even extreme conditions of high snow and wind loads.  

Success since 2005

novotegra’s systems are being developed in Germany since 2005 and distributed to installers and photovoltaic project designers all over Europe. Flexible usability and a high degree of safety are the values novotegra emphasises the most.  

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